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Western Massachusetts’ Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery Specialists

Full Load of Assistance

Our all-inclusive professional towing company offers you all the services you need to get your rig motoring again. We provide both long-distance and short-distance towing and roadside assistance services for your heavy truck, tractor-trailer, motor home, SUV, or automobile.

Get back on the road with long-distance and short-distance heavy truck and trailer towing, motor home towing, air cushion recovery, and emergency roadside service for the western Massachusetts area.

Supplemental Services

Our towing company features a variety of emergency services that help you get to your destination. From air cushion recovery service to correcting load shift problems and load transfers, call our towing company at (413) 539-6889 for top-notch mechanical support.

Two Tow Trucks

Roadside Services for Trucks

Not every problem requires a tow. For trucks stranded on the side of the road, DM Towing & Recovery provides emergency roadside service for issues such as:

• No-Starts
• Fuel Delivery
• Brake Issues
• Air Leaks
• Belts, Hoses
• Electrical Problems

Call our towing company at (413) 539-6889 for professional services at reasonable rates.

We are always happy to accommodate commercial trucking service contracts. Contact us with questions.

Welcome to DM Towing & Recovery

Receive professional roadside service for your truck and trailer from our towing company in South Hadley, Massachusetts. DM Towing & Recovery is Western Massachusetts' most experienced heavy-duty towing and recovery specialists.

Contact us via e-mail or call (413) 539-6889 for more information about our fully insured family-owned-and-operated towing company, with more than 38 years' experience.

Our Services

• Heavy-Duty Towing & Recovery
• Light-Duty Towing & Roadside Services
• Emergency Roadside Services For Autos, Vans, SUVs, Light Trucks, Motor Homes
• Jump-starts
• Fuel Delivery
• Lockouts
• Standard Vehicle Tire Changes
• Local & Long-Distance Towing
• Roadside Services for Trucks


With more than 8 vehicles available, including a 35-ton hydraulic wrecker, our towing company is able to quickly and safely tow your heavy truck.

Our lit and secure storage facility will keep your rig safe until you are able to get it repaired. Our towing company will assist any large commercial vehicles.

Call our towing company in South Hadley Massachusetts, at (413) 539-6889 for professional services at reasonable rates.

Local & Long-Distance Towing

Whether you are based around the block or you find yourself miles from home, DM Towing & Recovery offers both long-distance and short-distance towing for commercial and casual motorists.

Light Duty Towing and Roadside Services

In addition to our commercial towing service, we provide light-duty towing and roadside assistance to automobiles, vans, SUVs, light trucks, and motor homes. When you need help, you can call our experienced towing professionals for all of your roadside assistance services.

• Jump-Starts
• Fuel Delivery
• Lock-Outs
• Standard Vehicle Tire Changes

Auto Club Compatible

We work with most major auto clubs and invite inquiries from auto club organizations.

Service Area:

• South Hadley
• Chicopee
• Springfield
• Northampton
• Westfield
• Holyoke
• Amherst
• Belchertown
Dump Truck Being Towed

Road Services for Trucks

Quickly get back on the road with our fully equipped truck and trailer roadside service. Available any time of the day, our skilled technicians will help you get back on the road. Our roadside services include fuel delivery, and we accept all fleet checks.

Contact our towing company in South Hadley, Massachusetts, for responsive, reliable heavy duty truck towing, truck recovery, and roadside services.

Additional Services

There are a variety of services that our towing company will provide for you to help you get to your destination. From air cushion recovery service to load righting and transfers, call our towing company at (413) 539-6889 for experienced roadside services.

TRAA Certified (Towing and Recovery Association of America)
We are available 24 Hours and 7 Days a Week for your convenience.

Serving South Hadley, Chicopee, Springfield, Northampton, Westfield, Holyoke, and Amherst, Massachusetts